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Crying on the inside

I wonder if it's okay to cry a little on the inside as I do believe my nephews have destroyed my copy of Thousand Arms. It freezes up constantly. I am looking for a new or at least a decent copy but they are difficult to come by. A brand new copy usually runs about $200 from what I have seen. I know the game is rare, but isn't that like...daylight robbery? Feel my pain T-T
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I do feel your pain.... I let my friend out of state borrow my copy and I never got it back. u.u -huggles-

Ebay usually has them... but they can be around 60$ and up. Better than nothing tho. T.T
A decent used one is no less that $40 usually, a new one...forget about it $200 dollars is way outa my price range XD soooo sad.

If someone hurt my TA, they'd be ded (I'm crazy when it comes to my Thousand Arms). Do you need to uh... hire a hit woman?

Oh man!!! That sucks!

I did a little searching and here's a 'Buy it Now' for around 32 (36ish including shipping)!

Here's another for around 10-11 and ends pretty soon!
...Or try sailing the open seas of YARRRRRR. =/