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Level Up, Hoooooo!

I don't even know who reads this comm anymore. T.T But I have a question about leveling and forging weapons for special attacks.

I've never done it before, but I really want to finish the game with my three main people at level 99. The closest I've come is when I had Muza up at 84. Well, I'm currently at the Star Plateau with Muza at level 70, Wyna at 69, and Meis at 67. @.@ I totally owned the boss fights all through out the game because I was higher leveled, so I thought I was doing pretty good.

So, my question is, has anyone here gotten up to level 99 before they went to the final battle? Or what was your highest level? Cuz getting to level 99 is looking pretty impossible to me.

Also, I've been trying to get every spell/special attack but for some reason, Sodina didn't give me Earth Crusher for Wyna, and Nelsha didn't give me Fascination for Kyleen (I hate that girl anyhow). Any ideas why that would happen?

Alright, the game is calling me, so I'm gonna stop ranting here and go kill some more bad guys. <3
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