guardianrandy (guardianrandy) wrote in thousand__arms,

Thousand Arms 4-panel comics

Hey, everyone (whomever that may be since our numbers are fading)!

I've started back to translating the 4-panel manga comics. After taking a long break when I finished the translation of the color comics back in the summer, I'm finally back on track with the black and white ones.

I'm updating as I go along, so feel free to check the site on a regular basis for updates. I just posted page 23 a few minutes ago, and I have a pile of scans I'm getting ready to work my way through after lunch. I hope there's somebody else out there who can enjoy these. I want so badly to share it with the fans and keep Thousand Arms alive.

Feedback is great! Let me know if you like what I'm doing. Heck, even if you want to comment on a favorite comic thus far, I'd love to hear what everyone's thinking. Enjoy!
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