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Land of Locomotives

Land of Locomotives
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Welcome to thousand__arms a community centered on the role playing dating game Thousand Arms. For anyone unfamiliar with the game Thousand Arms it is a game packed with "stunning anime sequences and interative voice dialog" you also get to go out on dates with "9 beautiful women". Though it's a very simplistic role playing game, it's also very charming as well. You follow out lecherous hero Meis Triumph and his band of merry men...and women through the enchanting world of Tradguld. Your goal is to save the peole of Tradguld from the clutches of Dianovan's empire and free them of the terror and oppression. The characters are amusing, the game is easy on the eyes, though this game was made quite a while back so their in sprite mode. It really is worth a try.


¤ You can talk about anything Thousand Arms related.
¤ Adhere to proper community behavior No bashing (racism, sexual preferences, senseless arguements, trash talk, flames, etc.)
¤ Please use the LJ-Cut feature if you will post big pictures, long posts, quizzes, and information that include spoilers.
¤ Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai is allowed, but be sure to put adult material under a lj-cut! It must be friends locked! It must have a warning!
¤ Promoting of other communities is allowed, as long as it's about Thousand Arms and video games.

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