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I suppose we can start another round of voting to liven the place up. Would anyone like to volunteer to make the layout for the next theme? You don't have to, it's just a thought, and I would happily provide pictures for you to work with. Anyway let the voting begin. Who will star in our next layout?

1. Meis
2. Sodina - 1
3. Muza
4. Wyna
5. Soushi
6. Kyleen
7. Nelsha - 2
8. Dark Master Schmidt
9. Jyabil
10. Grapple
11. Lavantis
12. Cliff
13. Marion
14. Kyoka
15. Bandiger
16. Kanouha
17. Mil
18. Palma
19. Metalia
20. Jeala
21. The Evil Mecha 5
22. Bolt
25. Wire
24. Rachett
25. Bearle - 1
26. Shaft
27. Medeus
28. The Mermaid

You can vote for any of the above characters that haven't been stricken from the list.

Also do not forget our blog crew, there are still many characters available. Go here to view it!

Also another shameless plug in.

Zelda Twilight Princess Rating ~*~ tp_rating
Pet Shop of Horrors Rating ~~ psoh_rating
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