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Birthday Surprises

Hey everyone! Time for a random post in the community! I hope it's ok to do this. . . just figured that someone might understand the excitement about something so tiny because we all <3 TA so much. (Or, I do.)

My friend from Texas was always on my arse about finding something Thousand Arms related for me, and he wanted some sites where I usually get my stuff. I only told him eBay, because. . . well, that's where I found a lot of my things. So he was all upset. Fast forward to my birthday (or a few days after) earlier this week. He sent me a birthday and then he also included the Meis hologram card! I know it's not that big of a deal, but I couldn't find it unless it was in a 100$ mint game. T-T I was shocked, and I just kind of stood there, watching Meis swing is sword around for nearly an hour. It was the best thing evar!

/random rant about tiny things. XD
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